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Alexine Tjon was born in Curaçao, an island in the Dutch Caribbean, West Indies. She is a self-taught abstract artist, and working with her hands inspires her. Creating with textures from different mediums and acrylic paint has become her true passion, especially when using the vivid colors of nature.

Her passion started a decade ago when someone asked her to create art for their office space. This assignment resulted in her very first painting, which she named “Angel.” Then, she realized that creating art brings her calm, happiness, and a profound way of expressing herself.

Her favorite part of creating paintings is when she is immersed in the artistic process and feels like she is one with her art. Her mission is to create pieces that bring happiness and serenity to all those who enjoy them, and she will strive to achieve this with every paint stroke.
Creating paintings using the colors of nature that transmute calmness and peace

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